Tornadoes and Trees

Tornadoes and Trees

When Hurricane Hermine decided to make landfall in Florida on the Western side, we knew Coastal Georgia would see some of her aftermath. As a friend called her, Her Meany, was not nice to spin-off a tornado from her wake, because it touched down on Skidaway Island. There was miraculously no loss of life but trees came down, homes were smashed and weeks later we are still waiting for the County to clear all the debris piled high at almost every curbside. Two doors away from me, a tree fell on my neighbors home.

Fortunately most neighbors keep their cars in the garage, but you can see what a disaster it could have been if they had not prepared.

After a couple of days of hauling tree limbs and debris from our yard, I was back to the happier chores of gardening. One of the dahlias bloomed, as if to say it will all be fine. This dahlia American Dream is a much deeper pink than I expected, and very different from any other photos you will see on the web. I can only chalk it up to the intense sun and heat it receives and the bloom booster I have been feeding it to get it to bloom! Jeez, it is September and Ive been waiting since July to see some bloom from this particular plant! Dahlias and the deep South are a challenge that continues, at least in my garden!

I have been volunteering at the Sparrow Field to help maintain their pollinator garden. This is the time of year that the butterflies arrive, if youre lucky, and Ive enjoyed participating in a project to help them along.

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At my own back door this week, look who stopped by!

The luna moth! This is a very poor photo, but I did not want to flash camera light at this lovely creature. When it opens its wings, those two eyes really give you a stare apparently it warns predators to stay away!

This is a very busy time of the year as neighbors return home from their summer places or journeys, and as birds migrate through, along with butterflies and the like, I have to remind myself to make time for the bike rides and the glorious sunsets just a walk or bike ride away!

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