A favorite blog, Roses and Other Gardening Joys is featuring a garden book review on the 20th of each month! Of course I want to add my two cents on a book I have been slowly and happily savoring.

A book whose introduction begins, I used to hate gardening. I grew up with parents who were always bottom-up in the borders. insists to be read! As a gardening correspondent and columnist, Anna Pavord has compiled her musings and instructions under one cover to delight all the rest of we bottom-uppers! (now out in paper back, by the way!)

The illustrations are beautiful

but they arent the sole purpose for reading the book. You will have to settle for a more cerebral view of gardening in this month-by-month treasury.

The first reading was an eagerly devoured once-through, but this time I am leaving the book bedside and plan to read it month by month. I left Stephen Scaniellos A Year of Roses by my bedside for years, but now have committed so much of it to memory that it is time for a new book to take its place there for the year ahead!

So what does January offer? How about some subtitles like: Star Struck, Gardening Clothes and More Haste, Less Seed? Each month is then ended with Tasks for the Month which may vary according to your place on the planet, but interesting none the less!

Anna P. is a funny, smart, helpful and honest (otherwise known as opinionated) gardener which makes her beloved in my world of garden writing and reading! Lucky are the readers of the UK newspaper that includes her wonderful writings on a regular basis!

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Do stop by Roses and Other Gardening Joys for other garden book reviews AND her wonderful blog!

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