Taos Blooms

Taos Blooms

A few months ago, our son was married just outside of Taos. I mentioned in a previous post, our task to bring blooms to a field in El Prado for the celebration. El Prado is a beautiful spot, high in the mountains,

thousands and thousands of feet about sea level. (I live barely above sea level, thousands of miles away. Was it the altitude that made me dizzy or the prospect of arranging all these flowers?) The beautiful bride chose the colors and types of flowers , and Trader Joes in Santa Fe produced the order, 4 shopping carts of blooms for us!

After the long, anxious drive back,

the flowers were unloaded and the fragrance and charm of the flowers cast their magic.

We spent the morning and better part of the day surrounded by the love our family had for the groom, the bride and each other. My Mother, sister and daughter all joined in for the task at hand.

Starting with simple Mason jars that I had encircled with burlap and lace,

we began arranging each of the centerpieces.

We also made smaller arrangements to hang from each of the aisle chairs for the outdoor ceremony.

We were asked to make the brides bouquet which my sister lovingly produced. The groom and the fathers were not forgotten; my sister made magic for them as well. This photo was taken the day after, only slightly wilted.

I now know why all of the books and articles you will read, tell you not to take on the task of producing the wedding flowers yourself it is super time consuming.

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But we were strangers in a strange land, and this day of making flowers sing for the wedding will be a memory to last forever. Maybe we ordered too many flowers.

We had many extras that we placed in French market containers

and they adorned the front porch of their new home and the wedding tent. The bride and her friend used blue tinted Mason jars filled with sand and lights and hung them from the apple tree and other low limbs near the wedding tent. White lights twinkled on a bike which was propped against the fence which separates them from the fields where cattle and horses graze and run, stretching to the sky. The simplicity and honesty of the surroundings

and the event made it a day in our lives to treasure. While some wedding parties are treated to a breakfast the day after the wedding, this was a very active group, so they headed for the Rio Grande River

where the groom guided them on a rafting trip. So much fun!

I hope that the joy of that week-end will follow them through their lives. The waters can be rough or still, exciting or calm. Whatever they encounter, I wish them a love that grows as high as those mountains and as wide as that river.

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