Summer’s Labors

Summer’s Labors

Labor Day was originally intended to celebrate the American worker. Ironically many workers find themselves at work this week end! Both of my college educated children are hard at work this week end. My son, a Hot Shot wildfire fighter and EMT is working very hard in an Oregon forest, far from his home in Santa Fe, NM. My daughter manages a Soul Cycle and is devoted to the health and well being of the wonderful riders/clients at that studio and will be working this week end as well. (They are open 365 days a year!) Have you noticed a change in the work force?

My work days have changed! I work from home for a wonderful independent book shop, Elm Street Books. All of the people that work there are devoted to their work, believing in the importance of a small town book shop as one of the centers of sharing ideas and knowledge. I no longer work in an antique shop, which I loved, but I still work at finding great pieces at auction and from the internet. And I have been working very hard at getting dahlias to grow in Georgia. My first success, just this week! Dr. Les has bloomed!

I shudder when I think how easy it was in Connecticut and how my dozens of dahlias would be blooming like mad at this time of year! More work to be done on that score!

We are taking the week end to enjoy the natural beauty of our new home. The egrets are fascinating as they find their evening nesting place. We watch until the light leaves.

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We are also watching the most incredible live cam, courtesy of Audubon Society. If you are at all interested in ospreys or birds, GO to for a live video cam view of an osprey nest. The three osprey that were hatched in this nest are preparing to migrate South, so you must go NOW to see them before they leave. I leave the page open to hear their sounds while I am creating this post. I feel like Maine is outside my window!!

Happy Labor Day to all of the workers, especially those who did not get the week end off!

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