Savannah Treat – Cohen’s Retreat for Review

Savannah Treat – Cohen’s Retreat for Review

I went off the beaten path on this beautiful afternoon in Savannah. Sunny skies and temperatures in the 70s made it the perfect afternoon to explore. Since I am meeting someone for lunch next week at Cohens Retreat, I decided to take a trip in that direction to be sure I knew my way. I drove past twice as I was not expecting the large brick building behind an iron fence to be a restaurant. Indeed I later did a little research and discovered that this was formerly a home for old men. A Mr. Cohen of Savannah gave his fortune to securing a place for elderly men so that they would receive good care and not have to die alone. The old age home closed in the 90s, and the building has now become a center for artisans and the newest spot to dine on the outskirts of Savannah. There is a coffee/juice bar and a fabulous restaurant, and some lovely private dining areas. Also housed in this mammoth building: Katherine Mathis Van Toshs marketing and branding business, Revolver Studios: Evelyn Scotts upholstery business, FOWD (Fish Out of Water Designs); Elizabeth Demos event planning and photo styling studio; and an urban farming business, Victory Gardens, owned and operated by Reid Archer, Kerry Shay and David Hislop. Just opened in June, this augurs to be a destination spot for Savannah residents as well as the many visitors to this fine city who want to go off the beaten path. Today, I took a quick whirl through so let me show you a small sampling of what I found there! First, you enter through the front door, beautifully decorated with Autumns offerings. As you enter the main space, you are drawn to the comfort of this sitting area and foyer.

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They are ready for Halloween, which isnt my favorite holiday, but they were clever and I had to smile at the entrance to the dining room. For the blue & white lovers out there, surely you would find something begging to be purchased in this room.

Dog lovers will enjoy this room! Below are some well priced art/craft works; Id love to purchase them to hang in our guest room! Each room had its own personality and everything was displayed with style, and curated well. Truly, something for everyone!

SOMETHING had to go home with me, so it was a dahlia plate from this room. Readers, you know how the flowers call out! Just buying this little plate made me want to entertain time to get out the invitations! As I had flowers in the car and groceries that needed to get home, I couldnt explore all the spaces, but soon after lunch at Cohens Retreat next week, I will be drawn back here again and again!

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