Savannah suits up for Autumn

Savannah suits up for Autumn

My fellow bloggers and my dear readers,

The days grow shorter, and perhaps to shine cheer on us all, the lights and the sparkle of the season are beginning to creep in. That is not always a good thing, as it might remind us of the crazy harried days we may be facing. Are you tempted to put your blog ON HOLD? Are you tempted to let a few of your favorite blogs pass by unread? Me too.

But I decided to put up a few photos of my adopted city, Savannah, which is in many places immune to holiday commercialism. Many, but not all. Here are a few calm places that I saw while walking around waiting for my daughter to finish the half marathon last week (Savannahs Rock N Roll Marathon).

No crazy holiday sparkle in this window yet. And I am seriously thinking of buying that beautiful Italian ceramic vase.

As I said, not everyone is immune to the sparkle, but I found this calm and relaxing. The decorations did not cue the craziness and raise my blood pressure!

This simple and welcoming front door arrangement was classic. We are still green here in Savannah, so a small dose of Autumn is perfect for the Thanksgiving holiday ahead.

We are not hot like Florida, but our temperate climate gives us a lush and green feel even in mid November. No snow and Santa yet, please!

I read that Savannah has opened a tour office in London, to encourage our friends in England to visit. If you can get to New York, then a swift flight via Jet Blue is easy and relatively inexpensive. Our airport is quite nice and never crowded. I digress

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Forsyth park is newly planted with happy pansies. Such a welcome sight. No poinsettia yet, please!

There, I managed to write a blog, and I will now try to catch up with my favorite bloggers as long as youre not talking about poinsettias and Santa! Not yet!

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