Last week end Savannah opened her doors for the 80th Annual Savannah Tour of Homes & Gardens. Besides offering 4 days of walking tours (each day in a different section of Savannah), there were great programs and events that you could attend. We chose to tour the Northeast Historic Landmark District. Our tickets allowed us to see several homes during a 3 hour period. Unfortunately for us, the grey skies opened when a thunderstorm rolled through. My daughter and I (well actually just I) got a little testy; it is not fun to stand in a down pour waiting to get inside a house. But let me tell you, this group has had 80 years to polish their hospitality, and all of the workers did their best to make us feel at home, and got us in as quickly as possible. If you didnt make it this year, try next year (

My favorite home on the tour located on East Oglethorpe was traditional and beautifully appointed with well-loved and cared for family antiques. This Greek Revival townhouse was the childhood home of Pulitzer Prize winning poet, Conrad Aiken. The house has been seen in the pages of Veranda magazine, but there is nothing like experiencing the space yourself.

Another interesting home, built in 1867 and located on East Liberty Street had wonderful antiques and a traditional style, with an enviable view of another important landmark, the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.

It is still early Spring in Savannah but the outdoor spaces were already green and so lovely. Both traditional and modern designs were show cased.

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When I start touring gardens, my mind begins to work overtime, trying to envision new things to try in my own garden.

The plantings in the pocket gardens of Savannah tend to be more formal than the planting here on Skidaway Island, but I just cant give up some of the formal touches I have always loved like topiaries. Eugenia is now in both of my urns at the front walk. I forgot that I had already ordered two azalea topiaries from Garden Club! I have one place they could go, but Id have to dig out all the new daffodils first! What am I going to do with the azaleas? Some things never my impulsive buying of plants! When Spring rushes upon us, it is easy to lose our heads and buy everything we see without regard to where it will fit into our gardens. I know some of you, dear readers, struggle with this too! Do you have any plans to be more studied and systematic about how you purchase plants this year?

My plan is to spend more hours in reflection and thoughtful contemplation, with a good cup of tea in hand, and fewer hours scurrying around to all of the nurseries in search of the next great plant! Think first, while sipping, THEN search for just the right plant! Think, sip, search

As my son has sometimes questioned, Hows that working for you? Ill let you know.

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