Reunions and reclaiming

Reunions and reclaiming

New Hampshire bound this week-end for a college reunion.

As Daniel Webster once said, It is a small college but there are those who love it. Dear husband is one of those. We walked the campus, watching the families of the Seniors about to graduate; so many smiling faces and proud relatives. Toured the mens old haunts, some have not changed.

The four years of study shaped a great group of men. Many went on to serve in the military and a high percentage went into medicine that year it seemed. So many have counted success both professionally and personally.

We were not gone long for the reunion, but it seemed that while we were reuniting! the wildlife around our property was RECLAIMING. Who am I kidding, they never gave up their territory, but it was easier for them to pillage in a free manner while we were gone. My one friend who lives in the stone wall, seems to have been joined by at least four others, and they hang out together now!

Can anyone tell me who these characters are who have made a home in the wood pile from the trees that fell down in the hurricane? They are very amusing peeping out from their fortress.

I also found that the water critters have begun to build a new underwater palace. These guys are so darned cute, but I am sure they are making a mess of the pond banks.

Who are you? Readers, is there a naturalist among you? Can you help me out with the names, so I know what I am dealing with and living among?

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The robins, the mockingbirds, the red wing blackbirds and the nuthatches are all busy feeding young, or thinking of starting second broods, so we did come back to a cacophony on Weed Street. nature will reclaim if you stay away long enough!

New plants are blooming and it was good to come back from the trip down memory lane where nostalgia ruled to find the garden awaiting.

I worried so about the hydrangea after the hot weather and then frost in early Spring, thinking that there would be no bloom. Not to worry! the hydrangea are looking great!

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