Post Hurricane Ponderings

Post Hurricane Ponderings

Hurricane Matthew savagely struck Savannah causing havoc and hardship. My fears of returning to a home half underwater with alligators basking on the front porch were unfounded.

The mounds of trees, limbs, branches and debris are removed methodically and slowly. The natural beauty of Skidaway Island remains.

The herons, egrets and migrating birds carry on as before. The lagoons with their turtles and fish absorb and cleanse.

Parties and events, some that had been cancelled, begin anew.

Through the hurricane, some things were lost. Trees, roofs and landscapes. But some things were found. While rummaging in the attic space, a favorite Chinese rose mandarin warming plate was found. I thought it was lost in the move.

I had been sad to lose it; loss comes in waves. This was just a part of a wave, but now it is found. A warming dish, whose beauty is apparent and whose function has passed. We now have warming ovens. and no cooks in the basement needing to keep the food warm before service to the dining room upstairs. Times change and our time is what we make of it. Hurricanes happen, and we heal. Politics divides us and causes anger, but only to the point that we civilized people allow. After the hurricane, we move forward waiting for the beauty to reveal itself.

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