Christmas is coming , play the music!

Christmas in Connecticut often saw a sprinkling of snow, but almost always chill weather, but when it was too balmy, getting out the Christmas decorations and turning up the volume on the Christmas carols was

sure to put you in the spirit!

This will be our first Christmas in the South. Instead of seeing bright flashes of red cardinals against a snowy landscape, we see our friends of the slithery type checking out the warm temperatures!

The landscape has changed but the holiday sights and sounds are similar. Christmas trees with twinkly lights and imaginative ornaments spark the warm holiday spirit, but in coastal Georgia we dont need a roaring fire to get those warm feelings! (Chilly nights here do call for a gas lit fire and a glass of bourbon, dont get me wrong this isnt Florida!!)

Changing out the urns with evergreens and red bows seemed right, but adding the pansies was something different! Palm trees and pansies!

I will be observing the Southern traditions of Christmas, and hoping to incorporate them into our family traditions! In the meantime, stockings

will be hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas will soon be here!

I wont be dreaming of a White Christmas, but there is much to said for a GREEN CHRISTMAS!

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