Name Change

Sticks and stones may break the bones, but words will never hurt ye.   Even still, Jayne is no longer on Weed Street.  Jayne is in Georgia. Savannah Georgia to be precise!   Change is good, and so I have decided to really leave Weed Street behind.  It was ironic that an inveterate gardner such as myself, would chance to move into a house on WEED Street in 2000.  Despite its association for a now, almost, legal drug, weed is thought mostly to refer to those plants that show up unwanted in your carefully planned garden!  The irony seemed forced, now that I live in this subtropical environment of coastal Georgia.  Jayne left Weed Street and it seems time to change the name of the blog! Georgia is a big state, and I have not ventured to all her corners, but I hope to!  While my blog years on Weed Street were sweet, I now look forward to finding the sweetness here in Georgia!

Dear Readers, I hope I don’t lose you as I leave Weed Street behind, and plant my blog in Georgia! I will hopefully get fewer searches for the legal substance arriving at my blog door and more just arriving for the fun of my blog!  Onward to the magic of Christmas and beyond!

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Garden Touring in November

There are so many reasons to love living in the low country in November, such as oyster roasts, shrimp fresh from the waters til December, and festivals of every sort right up through Christmas.  But I would not have expected a garden tour.  And yet, there is still so much growing….and camellia season is not even at its peak for quite a while!

Touring the gardens… there was a little cheating as far as live plants, or not, in window boxes.  So if that was blue thunbergia vine, I might not take a closer look.  But blue wisteria? that gave me pause and a giggle.  You’ve probably seen some hideous artificial flowers plunged in window boxes for Winter and scoffed.   But, truly, this was done with artistry and good design.  Mixing the sweet potato vine and the gorgeous fern with the silk flowers made it all work.


The grass is still green, sago palms, live oaks and saw palmettos and smooth lagoons thrill even my old tired garden touring eyes!  In the plant world, there is always some new way of looking at things.  I discovered new vistas while touring this garden.

Even the Spanish moss does its job to festoon old trees and frame a new colorful Autumn bed.

As we approach one of the most iconic  of American holidays, let us be grateful.  In Georgia, I am grateful for a new way of touring gardens…in November.

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Memories come on wings

The spell of swaying Savannah shadows

lift the  memories never fleeing

a beloved father’s pain ended by Death

Giving grief second place to relief

A beautiful friend’s agony snatched away

by that unwelcome visitor, not invited

Loss slowly replaced by the mind’s eye sight

Fleeting beauty on strong wings that lift



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Autumn Arrives in Savannah

Autumn arrives in Savannah between humid, sultry days and close nights when the air doesn’t move enough to even sway a long piece of Spanish moss hanging motionless from  live oaks and vines.  Today was such a moment, when the skies were bluer than blue, and the daring contrast of strong sun and deep shadows gave an unreal atmosphere to this old city.


Such a lovely hour as we poked through old maps and botanical prints in this venerable shop.  

A most charming couple, with a darling cavalier King Charles spaniel (as if there was any other kind) introduced us to their abode and a tour of their incredibly and richly appointed home.  A lifetime of collecting was evident and admired.


Even Forsyth Park’s iconic fountain looked more handsome on a day that pronounced Autumn in Savannah!

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Hurricanes and Irksome Irma

Jayne On Weed Street is becoming more a quarterly publication.  There are events that get in the way of even the most well-meaning writer.  Things like hurricanes!  Besides the stress and expense and toil of evacuating from my home, I will not complain too loudly because when you see people losing EVERYTHING,  you feel some gratitude that your home was spared.

We evacuated on a Friday, a day ahead of the mandatory evacuation notice, but when irksome Irma, made a left hand turn, it seemed she was headed more toward Augusta, (where we had evacuated) than our home in Savannah.  So we packed up the cooler, the dogs and luggage to check out of the hotel and drive into the Twilight Zone.  NO ONE seemed to be driving to Savannah or SOuth for that matter.  Yes, we headed back to the hurricane.  On Monday morning, the view from our front porch looked like this, as Irma came blowing through Savannah.  Hurricane Matthew had toppled  centuries old trees and mountains of branches on Skidaway Island 11 months before, but Irma’s wrath was surging water. .  Crossing the bridge to Skidaway Island looked like this as the water rose.  The salt marsh disappeared.   A few days later, all was back to normal.   The rope bridge, as is pictured on my cover page, also disappeared.  The local fowl wondered about the new landscape.

When the winds died down, the birds  began to sing.  The butterflies carried on as usual.  Alligators showed up in unexpected places because water was everywhere.We have come to love our Southern home ,  but how many times can you be irked by hurricanes before you begin to second guess your choice of new home?

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Newport Flower Show, First Class!

Summer has arrived, and nowhere heralds the fact better and with more time tested class and splendor than Newport.   I’ve just had the pleasure of staying in this seaside village at the Ivy Lodge. This shingled residence from days past puts you in the middle of historic Newport with all the updates you would want to make your stay pleasurable.   Breakfast in the original formal dining room was an offering of fresh fruit and their famous homemade granola along with freshly baked pecan waffles!  The proprietor checked in with us for assurance that we were comfortable, and the chef inquired as to any culinary restrictions.  First class!  Our room was small but romantic and with the windows thrown open to enjoy the sea breezes, we were in heaven. The wide wrap around porches made for delicious reading nooks atop comfortable brown wicker seating!

The purpose of my visit was to Judge Horticulture for the Newport Flower show.  This year, entitled Fete des Fleurs:Paintings and Parterres, visitors were transported to France, home to artists and gardeners of renowned artistry.  Held at one of the most popular Newport mansions,  Rosecliff, which recalls the Grand Trianon of Versailles, this flower show is a must for all serious garden lovers.

Before the judging and the opening of the show, we strolled through the town. The shopkeepers had a competition for the best window display heralding the Flower show.  My daughter worked with CK Bradley during her post college years, and we were overjoyed to see Camilla’s shop festooned with a  blue ribbon!  I am not sure who the judges were for that competition, but I would agree, CK Bradley showed great style and was a clear blue ribbon winner!  

The Horticulture judges were aware that Newport had witnessed a foggy, rainy Spring, but the horticultural offerings were superb, the exhibits exhilarating, and the overall tone of the show one of the best in memory.  I was not able to tour all of the excellent vendors but as they unpacked their wares and offerings to gardeners, I realized I could go home with something from every booth, if my purse allowed!  Just a few sights….

The Judges worked hard to examine the plants and exhibits, with an eye to excellence, and to giving the appropriate and well earned awards.  At the end of the day, we freshened up and made our way down Bellevue Avenue to the Marble House

for a private dinner on the back terrace overlooking the water.  A fete without compare!

The visit to Newport wouldn’t be complete without a dinner and drinks at Castle Hill Inn.  We enjoyed drinks on the lawn overlooking the water until a dark cloud chased us inside. Not to worry, the storm clouds passed and we enjoyed the most sensational sunset while enjoying a superb meal.  I will say it again, first class!

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The dahlias are beginning to bloom, and the zinnias accompany.

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Doorways to my heart

Coming upon an interesting way to link to other bloggers THROUGH doorways!

Bloggers, you may wish to join!   Thursday Doors for April 27, 2017.

Taos is a doorway to my heart!

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May slips away

There was a time, I tried not to post too often in fear of boring the few readers I had managed to attract.  Now, as we’ve settled into Savannah, the time slips away and I fear my blog will disappear.

Time is needed for the garden bursting with herbs to pick and peppers and tomatoes ripening.  Zinnias brighten the farm plot and need to be picked.

Tybee Island

The warm Spring makes a beach day irresistible.   So little time for blogging when the regular column demands to be written.  More time is needed to hone the photography, but the time slips away, like the line of marsh grass to the sea.


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Searching in Savannah

Aren’t we always searching for something?   And when our search intensifies, it may mean we are testing and honing our creativity.  The arrival of  house guests  made me search out our adopted city of Savannah for new things to do and try.

Prepping the house was first.  Having fresh flowers around the house always puts me in a good mood, and hopefully that trickles to the guests too!  I am not a flower arranger, but I did my best with some  curly willow branches and fresh flowers from Fresh Market.  Of all the places to get orchids and cut flowers, Fresh Market wins hands down.  Their fresh flowers last a week or more!

I was asked to put together some flowers for a neighbor’s big surprise birthday party.  Again, I am a grower, not an arranger, but sunflowers just smile at you from a vase and hopefully mask my lacking talent.  I think this needs more depth below the sunflower.  My problem is knowing where to place the flowers and when to stop!

I made an itinerary and placed it on each guests’ bed.  I created only a sunny day version.  Thinking ahead and planning for rain is a jinx.  It worked!  The weather here in Savannah has been glorious. A trip to Bonaventure Cemetery is a must.  In this case, one of the guests had ancestors to visit in the historical section.  The sculptural headstones are just so interesting.  We missed the azaleas, which bloomed 4 weeks early this year!   There was a brief interlude with tornado warnings, thunderstorms and lots of lightning – but it is Savannah after all!

Food is central to any visit to Savannah.  We dined at Vic’s On The River, The Olde Pink House and Goosefeathers.  Elizabeth’s on 37th was a night to remember.  Not only did we bask in the great service and the best food in Savannah, but we had the rumbling of close thunder and the flash of lightning safely outside the gorgeous home for effect.  This is like dining in someone’s home, rather than a restaurant.  It is a unique experience, but don’t tell too many people because no one wants it to be OVERUN with tourists who might not appreciate the subtleties of the experience.  May I say, that it is the closest I will ever get to the Dali Llama.  I will leave it to the reading sleuths of this blog to visit there one day and figure out what that means!


To center ourselves after the whirlwind of activity, we made a trip to the Harris Neck Wildlife Refuge.  A peaceful paradise for birders and those of us who love to observe and walk through wide open spaces.  Thousands of acres with trails making access easy.  Thankfully, these spaces along Georgia’s coast are being preserved and can be appreciated.

Inside the small visitors center we found some interesting artifacts.  China, perhaps used at one of the plantations?

My guest brought me  a Pat Conroy book, published posthumously, A Low Country Heart. 

Somehow Pat Conroy deepens my feelings for this place we now call home.

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