Dog Day & Dahlias

Sun is shining, temperature is rising, colors turning, so I grabbed the camera and decided to take a dog portrait..not so easy when you add a puppy in the mix! The curiosity factor makes for heart warming moments, but you arent going to get an easy shot! Dahlias are easier Continue Reading

Free Fall

When mornings dawn warm and humid, one wonders about the seasons changing. There is talk of cooler nights and frosts, but it isnt happening in this burg yet. However, the evidence appears despite the warmth. Fallen leaves in the bird bath. Colors changing over the Monet pond. Bright fallen leaves Continue Reading

More Desk Sets

Would you like to see more desk sets? I am intrigued with these wonderful organizers from the past, and I like to imagine what great thinker, writer or noble person used this essential desk accessory. Who would have sat before this and what was penned??? Only a wealthy man would Continue Reading

Jayne On Weed Street

Huricane Irene approaches. Before I turn off the electronics, including the computer, let me share with you what the busy bees here are doing. We are clearing the decks, literally and figuratively. The three decks which contain more containers than Continue reading


The week end started off well, but a call on Saturday evening just before the play (Carousel!) began, sent me home at intermission, and by Sunday morning I was packing for Nantucket. We are showing at the Nantucket August Antique Show! There is a lot of hard work preparing for Continue Reading