Open Days! Gardens!

Open Days! Gardens!

The Garden Conservancys Open Days in New York State had a day to remember today! The flowering trees under blue skies! Nothing better! Duck Hill in North Salem was open all day today and the day could not have been finer! Over the years I have had the pleasure of visiting this garden a few times and have been enchanted by every room. As the garden changes and matures, it becomes more complex and its many layers fascinate. The property sits high on a ridge and gives beautiful views of the countryside. Walking through this garden, I am intrigued by rare plant material . There is a joy that is translated in the placement of pots

that adorn favorite ornaments. The feathered set is part of the charm.

They bring a smile as they appear at the end of the slow walk through the woodland . If you missed todays opening of Duck Hill, mark your calendar, and bookmark the Garden Conservancy, because you will have another chance in June to view this special placeas another layer unfolds!

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