Nourish the New Year, Overcome the Old

Nourish the New Year, Overcome the Old

New Years Eve is a milestone for me in blogging, as blogging began for me at the start of a new year with a promise to see more, read more and share more. At the close of each year for the past three years I can assess whether Ive kept my blogging promise.or not.

I find myself imperfect at the end of every year and maybe you do too. And so the close of the year is a time to overcome our failures and shortfalls, and to begin anew to nourish our hopes and desires. Do you ever desire to quit being so hard on yourself? Not to quit striving to reach your goals, but to stop putting the spurs to your charge forward? I want to nourish more and overcome the setbacks, problems and disappointments of the past year.

See more go more places. Get to New Mexico this year, and yes, try Georgia and South Carolina one more time.

Read more especially poetry. I loved my romp through The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt, (and nearly passed out when I got to see Vermeers The Girl With The Pearl Earring at the Frick last week AND THE GOLDFINCH itself!) which combined a mystery with a rich portrayal of characters from the art and antique world and a little of the underworld. But read more poetry as poetry can stir the soul.

Share more share more time with the ones you love. Share your earthly possessions, one day you will be gone and why not share them before you go. Share your knowledge, if you have something wonderful that others can learn from.

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Give more to your friends, friendship keeps your heart alive, and to lose a friend takes a part away.

Happy New Year to my readers and fellow bloggers! Find nourishment and give nourishment in the New Year!

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