Never Enough Nantucket

Never Enough Nantucket

Nantucket is a place that has many faces. I can never get enough of it. Though it is a small island 30 miles out to sea, there is something for everyone. Nantucket history can be found in the buildings and over the cobblestone streets. One needs only to hop a bicycle or even go by foot to see the wide Atlantic ocean from a nearby beach. Fishing, sailing, surfing and swimming make this an active summer place. Book shops, art galleries, museums and shops abound, for every taste. Shoppers wont leave empty handed. I found an Anne Packard painting that I wanted to take home,

but how to get it home in the car with two cavaliers in tow? The restaurants are world class and you never know who may be at the table next to yours!

September is a beautiful time to visit. Many of the roses are beginning to producing hips, but some still bloom. The wide range of late blooming flowers make up for any June bloomer you may be missing! The window boxes never cease to amaze me. The variety is appealing and each one is more beautiful that the last! The September skies produce sunsets that know no rival.

Nantucket is the kind of place that makes you think you could write a novel, or paint a masterpiece, or weave a basket. Each year that I leave, I am thankful that such a place exists, and grateful that there are good people in the world that work hard to make sure she stays so pristine.

This is a place that never loses its charm for my family. It is etched in the soul for many who step upon her shores.

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