‘Neath the Elms in New Haven

‘Neath the Elms in New Haven

Today I had the pleasure of Judging horticulture at the New Haven Lawn Club where the Zone II Flower show entitled Neath the Elms brought color and inspiration to an otherwise overcast grey day.

The Garden Club of New Haven hosted the show and meetings. A lovely autumnal greeting at entrance to the Flower Show: I loved the use of the begonias to bring a bold beautiful foliage to play with the pumpkins and mums. The G.C. of New Haven displayed artwork from another era at the entrance. The admission price was considerable in 1929; most flower shows are now free to the public. Dahlias made a splash, as they should in October. Our Club won the Gavel Award for growing the best American elm tree FROM SEED!

Agaves have peaked my interest. I am going to give one of these a try!

The entries in Floral Design are always impressive, especially to me because I am dismal in that area. One of my favorite entries was an arrangement with two sides exhibiting the drama of life, the bright side and the dark side.

All of the Garden Clubs in Zone II were represented at the show in all disciplines. Happily our Club did well in floral design as well! I will leave you with one last sample. This was a Class that required the entrant to interpret a painting. I am certain that this arranger had a new understanding of this painting after planning and implementing her entry!

This is the last Flower Show of the year, but months ahead will be continued reading and study.

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