Nantucket Beaches and Baby Bird

Nantucket Beaches and Baby Bird

Before I extol Nantuckets beaches, I want to share the small miracle of a baby birds first flight. Yesterday I tipped the watering can gingerly toward the fuscia basket in which I knew a little wren had made a nest. Staring at me with wonder was this little guy! I slipped back into the house. Despite the spaniels in and out this back door a hundred times, the parents built the nest, just like they did last year. (One egg got kicked (?) out of the nest and remains unhatched.) Look closely in the tree; I dont think he looks much like his parent, do you? It was a wonderful morning of observation; nature is fascinating.

We have stayed in many different places on Nantucket, but wherever you stay, you are not far from the ocean; it calls out to you every day. Weve stayed at Surfside where the ocean is powerful, just as its name suggests. Weve stayed in Sconset where the ocean is wild and wonderful, but the beach is not that accessible. Cisco has become a favorite, where we can watch the surfers but huddle safely on the sandy shores with the dogs. Dionis has the best ever sunsets. Shhhh, quiet, the blues are rising and the fishermen line the shore, casting their lines. Jetties has great sunsets too, along with facilities so you can have something to eat, buy a hat, and use the rest room! Steps Beach is a great beach, not easy to access, off the famed Lincoln Circle. Ride your bike to this beach or walk from Town because there is no parking. For the past decade, weve stayed near Brant Point, so a daily walk to Childrens Beach is my way of renewing and absorbing the unique offerings of this harbor at sea. And then there are the quiet private beaches, your secret place that not everyone else has discovered, and these are the beaches that you go back to again and again.

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Still ahead, the garden tour and window boxes!

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