More Good byes

More Good byes

Yesterday was a day of good byes. The first was a good bye to a fallen hero. We attended the funeral of a great young man, a Navy Seal. Our hearts break for this fine young mans family. A terrible loss, for his family, and for our nation. It was the most somber day, which ended in an unexpected way.

Our rescue cat, Max, who we saved from a traumatic life (his companion cat died in a house fire from which he escaped), and who has lived in our home for five years, sucumbed unexpectedly to an underlying heart problem. He was a feisty cat who compensated for his lack of claws (he was deprived of those before he came to live with us) by biting, gently for attention, and pretty hard when he was stressed or angry. He came into a household with two labs and a beagle, but that was better than the life of a stray. For the last six months of his life, now that there is just Clementine to contend with, he ventured forth into our kitchen and family room and gained enough confidence to even sit in an open door way. We did our best for him, and he leaves another empty spot in our hearts.

Whether you are saying Good bye to a truly great man, a hero, or a small domestic creature, the ache in the heart is undeniable.

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