More Desk Sets

More Desk Sets

Would you like to see more desk sets? I am intrigued with these wonderful organizers from the past, and I like to imagine what great thinker, writer or noble person used this essential desk accessory.

Who would have sat before this and what was penned??? Only a wealthy man would have something so grand on his desk. Painstakingly precise, the veneer work was exacted with rare tortoiseshell overlayed with brass, made by the most skilled artisan.

Not to leave the ladies out, I am quite certain that this very feminine desk set, veneered with beautiful and iridescent mother of pearl and abalone shell, sat upon the desk of a very refined woman, perhaps royalty. Before Filofax and I Phones, this was the ultimate organizer of important papers.

What love letters or important names and numbers were stored here long ago?

In the world of antique boxes, one name looms large, and that is Tahan. The most renowned French eboniste, his firm continued to make important desk sets and boxes for Kings and Emperors. This is now meant for a Titan of Industry (or a Museum)!

Referred to as boulle work, this is a magnificent example!

The Tahan label is a mark of authenticity. Like Pandora, do you want to see inside?

Of course you do! So I will leave you with a peak inside the secret bottom of this desk. It is so pristine; perhaps this was just for show. No drippy ink stains, no scratches to the burled wood. it is a mystery.


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