Let’s Get Growing 2016

Let’s Get Growing 2016

2016! With the new year I celebrate another year of blogging. As each new year unfolds I renew my ambition with this blog See more! Read more! Share more! In the first blog posting of January 2011, that is what I proclaimed. This year I will add Write More!

2015 was the beginning of my column for a local publication. Lets Get Growing.

My last article reviewed new garden books. If you have not already immersed yourself in The Art of Gardening, I highly recommend you buy or borrow this book. If you havent already taken a trip to see Chanticleer, the garden that engendered the photographs and writing , this book will drive you to put it on your bucket list.

My column is comprised mostly of my musings on gardening in the South, which is so different from my previous decades of gardening in the Northeast. I ponder the pleasures of communal gardening in our plot at Skidaway Farms and try to entice my Southern neighbors back to the garden.

Today, as 2015 closes, and 2106 begins, I celebrate how fortunate I am to have a bit of land to garden, and to have these beauties blooming on December 31, 2015, at my doorstep!

Happy New Year!

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