Home In Savannah

Home In Savannah

We are now at home in Savannah, but first

There were places, favorite places with special memories, to visit before leaving New Canaan CT, like the Walled Garden at Waveny Park where Ive spent every growing season for many years as a volunteer.

There is no place like HOME and our home on Weed Street served us well. The crab apples bloomed for us one more time. Dear husband says he isnt going to miss the Winter pruning. (I dont believe that.)

The movers came on a beautiful Spring day, maybe one of the few of this season. Did they write that on the truck just for us? GO NEW PLACES! Look at the size of the truck that we filled up! Wasnt it just a few short years ago (um, NO!) that I moved from my apartment with two roommates on East 87th Street to husband-to-bes co-op on East 73rd and we wheeled all my clothes down Park Avenue on a clothing rack? Honest! A few more boxes and that was all it took to move me to a new place!

Weve made the move. One week and the boxes seem to multiply rather than disappear. How will I ever get this done? In one week, weve had painters, landscapers, contractors, security systems types, and more visit, so I am trying not to be too hard on myself for not having the unpacking finished. It is busy around the new place! How long did it take you, dear readers, the last time you had to unpack in a new home?

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I am making discoveries daily. Gardenia grow in the ground here and their perfume is intoxicating on the back patio. No pine bark mulch here, instead most residents use pine needles. There are plants that Ive seen grow in green houses but never expected to see them growing in the ground in the Spring!

The evenings come too soon for this first week in Georgia. But who can complain when we end each night taking the dogs for a walk, with a view like this to bid the day adieu.

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