Every Garden, dear friend, a rose

Every Garden, dear friend, a rose

If you have planted and tended or restored more than one garden in your life, is there a plant that appears in all?

In Russell Pages The Education of a Gardener, he writes

The rugosa rose, Blanc Double de Coubert goes into every garden I make and very frequently into the flower border.

My oldest and dearest friend, who left this Earth 2 1/2 years ago, unexpectedly, loved roses. She grew this rose and referred to her as Blanche! Blanc Double de Coubert is a mouthful. When I first met dear friend, she wasnt yet the great gardener she would become. Her main achievement initially was morning glories. Roses that eventually tumbled over her stone walls, up trellis and through borders became one of her favorite flowers. We propagated a very special rose, Polaris and it grew with abandon in her yard. It is not seen in the markets, but a few years ago I spotted it at NYBG.

I do not have any roses in my Savannah garden. Maybe someday I will plant one, and I hope I can locate a Blanche. If not for this garden, maybe another. I feel that dear friend could be among the clouds in a bower of white roses. Or perhaps she is in a garden admiring a well grown Blanc Double de Coubert. Page says,

The flowers are chalk-white, their petals silky and almost transparent and they have the delicious pungently sweet scent of their kind.

With or without a white rose growing in my garden, dear friend, your memory is with me there like a delicious and sweet white rose named Blanche.

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