Dogs Know, The Rules

Dogs Know, The Rules

January jars the Winter blues but reading and new projects can keep them under wraps. How fortunate are the lovers of the snow who live for another run down the mountain or the skaters who glide over ice happy to withstand frozen toes and finger tips. I am inside reading and working on healthy living goals. January holds little appeal with her arctic temperatures and snow blown days.

DOG SONGS by Mary Oliver has me in its spell:

A dog can never tell you what she knows from the

smells of the world, but you know, watching her,

that you know

almost nothing.

Winter often brings out the baker in me, but I am restrained this year, and my nose is in Michael Pollans FOOD RULES rather than THE MAGNOLIA BAKERY COOK BOOK.

Rule #19 If it came from a plant, eat it; if it was made in a plant, dont. Thank you Mr. Pollan, for giving us rules to live by, with a healthy dose of humor and a full serving of good sense.

As red meat disappeared from our table, and we try to eat nothing that stands on four legs, I find that the once appreciated pot of beef stew is replaced with something like savory red lentil, quinoa, and vegetable stew. Ellie Kriegers new cook book, WEEKNIGHT WONDERS rulesand doesnt break THE RULES.

What are you doing to weather the cold until we can get back out in the garden? Unlike the geese, I am not content to put life on ice until the ground thaws. I am learning THE RULES while trying to practice them in the kitchen. Poetry is nice too, and what about all the seed and garden catalogs! How many are in your pile?

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