Dogs and deadlines

Dogs and deadlines

Fellow bloggers, do you set yourself a deadline to post either daily or by a certain day of the week? I do and usually meet my self-imposed deadline, unless something comes up with the family or .dogs! Last week it was THE DOG, poor Pippa!

There she is, on the right, the only puppy in play group who had not yet been spayed. But now her cherry eye had grown bothersome and wasnt being controlled by drops, her hernia needed a repair and it was time for the dreaded spaying. Three surgeries at once last week and now we have been carefully monitoring her recovery and pampering her, of course. All is going well.

So today I can leave her for a few hours for work, and it is packing day! Packing for an antique show on the road is physical work, but it has its rewards. You get up close and personal with the most beautiful objects imaginable!

The show we are packing for is the annual Palm Beach Antique and Jewelry show. For the on-the-road team, this is one of the highlights of the year. Besides leaving the cold and grey environs of Connecticut, they get to see thousands of beautiful works of art, antiques and jewelry, and have fun with hundreds of international and U.S. dealers! The crowd is demanding, so we send the most beautiful pieces.

I picture this Anglo-Indian quill and ivory basket(shown bird eye view) in a Nantucket beach house, but it could also look well in a sleek Palm Beach home. They couldnt be more different, but the objects tell a story, and why let your story be dictated by where you live. Shells and Florida and have been overdone, you think? Porcupine quills bring something new to the table, so to speak.

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Hope you get to go to the show..if not, we will still have beautiful objects left behind in CT!

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