Dog Snoods In GEORGIA

Dog Snoods In GEORGIA

All across our country, a cold front has brought plunging temperatures in the last week. Coastal Georgia was not spared! Moving to temperate Georgia, I thought that the beautiful snoods that my sister knitted for the spoiled girls, would be put away in case there were any Wintry trips North. But we had plunging temperatures in the 30s! Two of my all time popular blog posts are about snoods for the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, so it seemed time to revisit the subject. Put the light fabric snoods away and get out the wool! This is what the Cavaliers had to say about that!

Oh no, here she comes with the PRETTY snood that Im not supposed to dip in the food bowl! P.S. When is the needlepoint pillow of ME going to be finished?

Sister, what do you think about this?

Just smile, let her take the picture, and were out of here!

Its never that easy! She wants everything PERFECT!

Psst, heres my plan..

You are going where? Escape? Oh no!

Just because she has the camera in front of her face, doesnt mean she cant see what were up to!!!

Okay, run!

Wait, I almost forgot the magic ball!

Wishing all my readers a Happy Thanksgiving! May your week ahead be filled with food, fun, family, dogs and thanks! At the heart of the controversy over immigration reform, I think we can accept, with the exception of the native North American Indians, that we are ALL descended from immigrants. Open your heart, be part of the discussion, but never forget the blessings immigrants have brought our nation. THANK YOU to my family some came on one of the first ships to arrive, true Pilgrims in a strange land, and others followed from England, France and Germany. Wherever you are from, remember to be thankful for your ancestors who bravely came to this land for a better life. Giving Thanks!

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