Dog Day & Dahlias

Dog Day & Dahlias

Sun is shining, temperature is rising, colors turning, so I grabbed the camera and decided to take a dog portrait..not so easy when you add a puppy in the mix!

The curiosity factor makes for heart warming moments, but you arent going to get an easy shot!

Dahlias are easier to photograph than dogs. After spending hours in the dahlia beds this morning, staking and pinching and hoping to produce something for a show in New Haven at the end of the month, I cut a few and brought them inside.

Must be careful this time of year as the bees wont give up their feeding trough easily!

Enjoy the Columbus Day weekend! Thank you Christopher Columbus, for sailing that wide ocean of blue to discover the Americas. Another visionary and discoverer we should celebrate and thank is Steve Jobs who opened up new worlds for us all!

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