Devotion to Dahlias

Devotion to Dahlias

The Garden Conservancys Open Days 2012 season is winding down, but there is still much to see! I am so glad I took Sunday away from mounting chores and activities to view two remarkable gardens. Without a doubt, Frances Palmers made my garden soul quicken. I have been a fan of her pottery (Frances Palmer Pottery)and have imagined her pieces in my home. The Celadon collection is sublime. A friend from a garden group mentioned that I should see her dahlias. Enough said! I approached the dahlia garden with excitement! Once inside I was dizzy with the thrill of seeing new varieties and some, like Jane Cowl that I have attempted to grow without success (sorry! I did not get a picture of it!). Adding a few other plants contributed to the overall lush appeal. The high shade from overhead trees protected part of the garden forperfect morning viewing. Heaven! The tennis court on the property has been hijacked for other uses vegetable gardening! A very whimsical way to employ raised beds, and just love the way the cracks have become an opportunity for self seeding!

The icing on the cake was the invitation to visit the pottery. Frances has an online catalog, but what a thrill it was to see each piece up close and personal! I could not choose a favorite. Each piece told its own story, and I would have liked to linger

Imagine the surge of inspiration to pass this view on your way to work.

The barn adjacent to the dahlia garden houses the pottery and showroom.

The creations that find their beginnings at the wheel inside this barn are surely informed by all the beauty that Frances nurtures in her garden.

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