Dahlias and a Disturbing Disadvantage

Dahlias and a Disturbing Disadvantage

The dahlias are coming! The first bed planted is beginning to bloom!

But dear friends and readers, I find I am at a distinct disadvantage which is most disturbing. Without getting all Oh wo is me, (though I am tempted!) I am reporting that I am left with just one means of photographing my dahlias my I Phone.

My cameras were stolen! We were burgled a week ago. For any of you that have had this experience, I know you can share with the long list of emotions that surge horrified, saddened, angry, scared, depressed, and very weary. I am so mad, I see red! I almost did not want to go for an outing to the New York Botanical Garden today. Number one reason, I dont want to leave my house. Did I say that you may also feel vulnerable? Number two, I dont have any good cameras to take photographs! But dear husband jollied me along and yes, I have to be able to leave the house, and yes, I will have to learn to use my I Phone. And they took everything, so why would they come back? To pick the dahlias?

From the opening gate at NYBG, on a picture perfect August morning, the plants beckoned and invited us to follow. We find it difficult to see everything in one visit, so we planned to visit the Conservatory for the Italian Renaissance Garden exhibit that we missed in June. Before reaching the Conservatory, we strolled the Jane Irwin Watson gardens which is my favorite part, no matter the season. The crepe myrtle was in full bloom. If I ever move South, it will be the first tree I plant! The hydrangea were varied and so appealing in the perennial beds. The camera pros were staked out, probably in hopes of the perfect nature shot. I tried to photograph a butterfly near the hibiscus. Forget it! I Phones are great, but they have their limitations. To tie in with Wild Medicine, the Italian Renaissance exhibit had many informative cards. Since many of us are now growing vinca in place of impatiens, I found this interesting.

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Outside the pools of water lilies were glorious; remember the Monet garden lilies from last Summers exhibit? And nearly every visitor smiled when they viewed these much larger than life art works representing the four seasons.

I am so impressed with the new Native garden; we had to stroll past on our way out.

The red lobelia plantings there were stunning. Ive tried to get lobelia to grow along our pond but they havent established themselves yet. I might try more, because after our harrowing experience of being burgled, I want to put it behind me, stop seeing red, unless it is to see the red of a bright lobelia.

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