Dahlia desire and despair

Dahlia desire and despair

August is upon us with great expectations for dahlias but there is both desire for their moment of beauty and despair with all that can and does go wrong. Just this week, the fabulous dahlia Fleurel,

a well-known white dinnerplate variety, made her move for first place in the dahlia beds! At the same time, the despair comes in large doses. One of the dahlia potted up in a container began to droop, and upon examination a small hole was found where something had actually dug deep to EAT the tuber. This is all that was left of the dahlia below soil line! On another potted dahlia I saw a few drooping leaves and thought this was peculiar, only to find this insect that mimics a piece of stick or dried leaf. Who knows what this is? One really has to dwell on the beauty and let the disappointment roll away, or one would never choose to be a gardener!

I am going to say it..Garden like a rock star!

I want it all and I want it now. In gardening, you are going to get it all!

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