Daffodil Demoiselle

Daffodil Demoiselle

Prim and pure, the daffodil delights!

Narcissus, brilliant as our hopes,

Uncertain as our date. Anonymous

Here in Connecticut this is the week for daffodils. The Greenwich Daffodil Society hosted its Annual Daffodil Show at Christ Church in Greenwich CT, and daffodil growers came from far and wide to display their dandy daffodil demoiselles! What a great way to find new varieties and to test your skills as a grower. I entered 7 and reports are that they did very well! Lots of competition!

Daffodils are the harbingers of Spring!

Antiques are my year round job, and working with beautiful objects never ceases to interest me, but even the shiniest and brightest of objects, cant compete this time of year with the magic of watching the natural world emerge.

Daffodils, the darling demoiselles of the Spring garden are just the beginning!

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