Chinese export chrestomathy, rose mandarin porcelain

Chinese export chrestomathy, rose mandarin porcelain

A collection of choice extracts! (Taking great liberty with word definition to make a catchy title to my post!) Chinese export porcelain is endlessly interesting and here are a few photos to enlightenI am always trying to gain a greater understanding.

I love the stories found on the most beautiful pieces of nineteenth century Chinese export porcelain. The figures at work and at play or leisure are drawn and painted with painstaking detail telling you much about how the artist wanted Western eyes to regard his world.

Entire dinner sets could be ordered with requests for certain borders and colors. Imagine the delight of the mistress of the house receiving and opening her long awaited treasures that came by slow boat from China!

While not all of the clients seeking this kind of porcelain want someone elses monogram, I find that is part of the mystique and value of the piece. Armorial porcelain with the crest or monogram of the original owner is desirable.

How can you not create a story in your mind while gazing at these pieces? Who is that scholar and who are the people gathered round to hear his learned views or read his precious scroll? The vase above is called Chinese export rose medallion. The rose referring to the color palette and the medallion is the style of the work, describing the method of painting scenes within a medallion or enclosed by a shape and border.

A really happy day for me in my work, is finding a beautiful piece of porcelain for an appreciative client seeking an addition to a collection or even for that one enchanting piece to compliment her/his home. I always recommend buying the best piece you can and the one you love the most. Do not settle for inferior quality, chipped or cracked porcelain. And then TAKE CARE of it and treasure it as the first owner surely did!

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