Chinese blue & white, branches & bouquets

Chinese blue & white, branches & bouquets

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday but my thoughts wander in the East, with visions of Chinese blue & white porcelain and bouquets of branches & flowers swirling. Carolyn Roehm wrote a book about her fascination with blue & white, A Passion for Blue & White which is a wonderful decorative inspiration! The exhibit that I wrote about in a previous post, The Emperors Private Paradise at the Metropolitan Museum of Art informs in a deeper and significant way. I will be putting together a Tablescape for the Garden Center of New Canaans fundraiser next week. Sallea Antiques decided to use a magnificent Chinese blue & white porcelain of the Fitzhugh design.

This is the vase I will be using. It is a rare form of Fitzhugh with a BIG price tag, and I am a little nervous to have it in my home this week end. I guess having raised children and labradors in an active home has made me aware of what can happen to precious objects! But the labradors have gone to the happy hunting grounds and the small Cavalier King Charles spaniel wont be able to reach this treasure!

This is what I saw last week at the Met

This is an object that was made during the Qianlong era and has been lent by the Palace Museum in Beijing. The cobalt blues are similar and the feather borders at the top are remarkably similar. The exhibit at the Met has made me acutely aware of the Chinese use of symbolism in the arts and of the connections between man and Nature. I might use branches of a cherry tree that I cut this morning with the awareness that they are a promise of rebirth and Spring. Even in a few short hours, the buds are quietly opening assuring that Winter is behind us and new life is coming. There are more flowers to be added with some conditioning over the week end. These are not from my garden, so there will be a little disconnect with nature for this arrangementjust a little

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Believe me, I am not up to the task of putting this altogether! Jan from Sallea Antiques has staged the tablescape, and a dear friend who is a superb flower arranger has agreed to come and tweek the arrangement (it may go beyond tweaking.!)

Happy Easter everyone!

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