Move over food, tours, art and ghosts because this week-end in Savannah will be all about BOOKS! Cold weather has settled over the fair city, but even last week-end the cold did not put a pall on the pretty sites around town. The Savannah Book Festival 2016 is here!

From my perch on Skidaway Island, the sun is warm and the thermometer is showing 68, but by the time the sun goes down and I head downtown to hear Paula McLain, the cold will creep back. Best news for all, is that you have the opportunity to see and hear over 35 authors on Saturday. Full information can be found at

We have tickets to hear Eric Larsen give the keynote talk tomorrow night (Sold Out). Loved his last book DEAD WAKE! Some of the authors I am excited to hear are:

Geraldine Brooks, Sara Gruen, Debbie Macomber, Christopher Bohjalian, and Dana Perino. But there are many more emerging authors and exciting authors that you will be able to see and hear on three different squares: Telfair, Wright and Chippewa.

My sister is busy in her Northern home, getting her Etsy shop up and running. I know SO MANY of my readers want to know how to get her famous Cavalier King Charles dog snoods. I have shown my dogs sweet knitted snoods on my blog, and now Auntie promises to make more for the girls. Clementine waits patiently to be bestowed!

Happy reading, and if you are anywhere near Savannah, dont miss the Book Festival!!! If you cant make it, check out our owl cam. There is a live feed of a Great Horned Owl who is sitting on her eggs right here on Skidaway Island. She is majestic, and what a MOM! Check it out,


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