Autumn Turnings

Autumn Turnings

This week I entered a photo in a class called Turn, turn, turn.

There is a season turn, turn, turn. Pete Seeger

Ultimately I used an older photo, but the assignment gave me reason to get outside on a perfect Autumn day in Georgia to see what was turning. Camera in basket, I set off on my bicycle. As a recent transplant here in the South, when my thoughts turn to Autumn, expressions from the New England area are what come to mind. But here in Georgia, the sun is still very warm and strong. People still sit by the pool, and my flip-flops still wait by the back door. The sign that October is really here is often seen at my neighbors door steps. Pumpkins, mums, and crotons mean we have turned the page over on Summer. The canna still bloom, but it is against a deeper, richer glow of the sun, which no longer climbs so high overhead. The shadows are remarkable.

My thoughts turned not so much to the Summer just past, but to a year past, and I reflected on where I was last October. Last year Home was in a place far North of Georgia, and my circle of friends and family were in a safe and stable place. How life can turn things upside down and over and out, every which way! When Autumn taps you on the shoulder with her outrageous colors, where do your thoughts turn?

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