Autumn Awry

Autumn Awry

Autumn has gone awry! First snowfall of 2011 occurs on October 29th! Nature tricked! We have not even raked the leaves and now we must clear the snow! For ONCE we did not lose our power though half of our town is not so lucky with trees and power lines down all over! Just two days ago I was taking photos of Autumn for a post. The dahlia foliage was still green, the dogs were still basking in the sunshine. I was noting the fading hydrangeas, the muted colors still attractive. Then an odditiy occurred yesterday it began to snow!

Last night, we made a fire and streamed a movie and (with power) it felt quite cozy and romantic. Hurricane Irene is not yet a distant memory; I am feeling badly for the other half of our Town without power. Reports are that it could take a week to fully restore power! Heather at Habitually Chic has a wonderful post on fireplaces today if youd like to see more like the scene above!

The snow continued overnight, by this morning the hydrangeas were bent with snow. The river birch stretched to the ground.

A familiar view from our front yard has never appeared this way before!

It feels that Nature is out of sync; she missed a beat. Forgot to take off her finery before coating the Earth with her glistening hand.

Yellow leaves on trees

Snowfall October surprise

Fall to Winter bridge.

It seems a haiku moment.

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