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Wife, mother, and owner of pets much loved. Gardener of three decades, amateur photographer, ardent about art, antiques and books.

Doorways to my heart

Coming upon an interesting way to link to other bloggers THROUGH doorways! Bloggers, you may wish to join!   Thursday Doors for April 27, 2017. Taos is a doorway to my heart!

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May slips away

There was a time, I tried not to post too often in fear of boring the few readers I had managed to attract.  Now, as we’ve settled into Savannah, the time slips away and I fear my blog will disappear. … Continue reading

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Searching in Savannah

Aren’t we always searching for something?   And when our search intensifies, it may mean we are testing and honing our creativity.  The arrival of  house guests  made me search out our adopted city of Savannah for new things to … Continue reading

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If you are a regular reader, you know that camellias have consumed me.   They have a long bloom period; you can have different varieties blooming from Thanksgiving until Spring is fading.  The blooms do not last long when you cut … Continue reading

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A Word About Camellias

A Southern garden should always include at least one camellia.  Or maybe a dozen.  With their long bloom time and delightful presence through the Winter, this small tree or shrub brings such a burst of energy during an otherwise quiet … Continue reading

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Tiny Treasures to Behold

Today I organized a trip off Island and into Savannah to see a small exhibit of beading by the artists in the Coastal Beading Society.  This group of artists are inspiring in their artfulness and their patience.  Imagine the hours … Continue reading

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Hello dear friends in the garden, Yes, I feel I live in paradise, even after Hurricane Hermine and Hurricane Matthew!  But I bet I am not the only person who is entering 2017 with some trepidation.  I also have some … Continue reading

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Fall to Christmas

Thanksgiving for the Southern Coastal gardener means your Fall vegetables are in full swing.  Annuals holding over from the Summer are petering out, but your Thunbergia grandiflora vine is just beginning to echo the sky.  What a color!  Not your … Continue reading

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Post Hurricane Ponderings

Hurricane Matthew savagely struck  Savannah causing havoc and hardship.  My fears of returning to a home half underwater with alligators basking on the front porch were unfounded. The mounds of trees, limbs, branches and debris are removed methodically and slowly. … Continue reading

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Hurricane Matthew

This is the scene everywhere you look on Skidaway Island after hell poured down from Hurricane Matthew.  Trees uprooted or snapped and toppled on homes and over streets. With nearly a thousand people reported dead in Haiti, from this hurricane, … Continue reading

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