Post Hurricane Ponderings

Hurricane Matthew savagely struck Savannah causing havoc and hardship. My fears of returning to a home half underwater with alligators basking on the front porch were unfounded. The mounds of trees, limbs, branches and debris are removed methodically and slowly. The natural beauty of Skidaway Island remains. The herons, egrets Continue Reading

Tornadoes and Trees

When Hurricane Hermine decided to make landfall in Florida on the Western side, we knew Coastal Georgia would see some of her aftermath. As a friend called her, Her Meany, was not nice to spin-off a tornado from her wake, because it touched down on Skidaway Island. There was miraculously Continue Reading

Roses on the Coast

Much of Georgia soil is clay, but on the Coast, sandy soil predominates. Years ago when I was first smitten with roses, I took great pains to amend the soil so that I could grow roses. Here in Georgia, the temperate climate is favorable for roses, though the humidity causes Continue Reading