A Southern Dance With Daffodils

A Southern Dance With Daffodils

For oft, when on my couch I lie

In vacant or in pensive mood,

They flash upon that inward eye

Which is the bliss of solitude;

And then my heart with pleasure fills,

And dances with the daffodils.

William Wordsworth

Those words from William Wordsworth are familiar to many and probably oft remembered most when Spring is around the corner, and we wish for the Earth to come back to life! Though the Adonis, the snow drops, hellebores and earliest Spring ephemerals usually beat the daffodils into bloom, it is the blooming of daffodils that assure us that Spring has arrived. Here in Savannah, the daffodils I planted last Fall began blooming weeks ago! They are still blooming since I planted a mix called Southern Gritty Blend. My next door neighbor smiled when she saw me planting bulbs, and remarked, I love your optimism. She most likely referred to the deer and the extreme heat of Summer which are deterrents to a lot of bulb planting, but the daffodils are immune to deer and this blend promises to withstand the Summer heat.

It is just a year ago that dear husband and I drove from Connecticut to Georgia to find a new home. So I can safely say that you can garden year round on the Georgia coast. We have been enjoying lettuce from our plot at Skidaway Farms from May to March, and I have just planted Flashy Trout Back and Pirat lettuce, so yes, you can garden year round in Georgia. I have also just planted Hon Tsai Tai, similar to broccoli rabe from the flowering brassica family. You see it here with the lovely red stems, elongated leaves and as it grows it produces delicate yellow flowers that are deliciously edible!


Our little plot is just about planted out, with garlic, green onions, radishes, lettuce, beets and a couple of herbs. Where to put the tomatoes and the dahlias? You guessed it! We had to rent another plot! I am going to try the dahlias for a second year in Georgia. They were a dismal failure last year, but I didnt start early enough. I am checking the average soil temperature and it is already predicted to be about 58 for late March. That is warm enough for a dahlia tuber. They like 60, but come on, dahlias! Lets get started! What are you starting in your garden or under grow lights?

P.S. My posts are a bit further apart these days, as I am writing a gardening column for a local magazine, but I do not plan to abandon Weed Street blog! The Georgia gardening adventures continue! And I am planning trips to Taos, New Mexico and to Longwood Gardens, so stay tuned!

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