I posted in April with a title “Canna Have Another”.  Here it is a short two months later, and I am singing, “Canna Believe IT!”  The Canna ‘Bengal Tiger” was planted in a large pot soon after purchase ,  and yesterday began to bloom.

Canna 'Bengal Tiger'

Canna ‘Bengal Tiger’

It is spectacular!  I have another growing in the ground in the front yard and it will be interesting to see which one is happier in the long run.  I am still fine tuning my gardening habits in this Zone 8 climate.  Will the heat of the Summer be easier on a potted plant or one in the ground?

The temperature will stray toward 90 today, but the humidity hasn’t even gotten started, so it was lovely to go to the Farm this morning to pick basil and cut dahliasIMG_4737 before the sun got too high.


In my Savannah garden, the angelonia and snapdragonsDSC_4282 laugh at the heat and humidity and the shrimp plant DSC_4383laughs too while enticing hummingbirds.   I hope they continue to laugh when I leave them on their own with an automatic sprinkler as their babysitter….I am headed back to New Mexico soon!


About Jayne on Weed Street

Wife, mother, and owner of pets much loved. Gardener of three decades, amateur photographer, ardent about art, antiques and books.
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6 Responses to CANNA BELIEVE IT!

  1. Pauline says:

    How wonderful that you have gorgeous plants that enjoy your heat, your Canna is a wonderful colour!


  2. Karen B. says:

    What baffles me about your climate, which nearly parallels our Zone 9-10, is that you can grow snapdragons this time of year. For our area once May rolls around, most of what we call spring flowers (snapdragons, pansies, and stocks) do not thrive once the temperatures begin to warm to the 80’s consistently. We begin to transition to marigolds, coreopsis, blue salvia. Maybe its because we don’t have enough humidity. I love the color of your canna. I’ve not seen that color here, mostly red, orange and yellow.
    Happy soon-to-be-summer.


  3. nicole says:

    Oh my! Those blooms made me smile and sing! They are so striking each and everyone of them in color!! You captured them beautifully friend!! Wishing you more garden goodness this week! Nicole xo


  4. Dawn says:

    Your blossoms are just gorgeous, Jayne! I really wonder if the container plants or those in the garden will be happier through the summer months. You must let us know later in the season. Wishing you safe travels and fun times in New Mexico! ♡


  5. jody says:

    beautiful canna!!!


  6. In our region, they plant a lot of canna (mostly for garden walks), starting them at the end of winter indoors. Some put them in the ground in late spring, but it takes all summer them for them to bloom. Many are in containers and some get bedded out. They are a beautiful plant, but such a waste if not lifted before winter. I do like your Bengal Tiger, what a looker. Your shrimp plant is an interesting plant, I have seen them here too, but only as an annual.


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