Stepping Stones

My stepping stones seem to be leading toward Autumn….

Wait, it is just that birch tree shedding leaves WAY ahead of schedule again.  I love the way stepping stones guide you through a garden.  One very special stepping stone in our garden was placed at the foot of the arbor leading to our front door….by our son, on the day he moved to Santa Fe, NM.  He is on our minds and in our hearts each time we go in and out the gate while he is so far away.

Stepping stones guide you through the garden, and the garden leads us through the year.  When the colors in my garden darken and the richness of the dahlias appears, I know Autumn is around the corner.

Dahlia ‘Esther’

The garden is the clock to our senses.  Roses herald June, though some continue through Summer, they hardly compete with the dahlias in my garden.

Their pale glory belongs to Spring.

Dahlia ‘Red Riding Hood’

Now it is time for the rich jewels of late Summer!

Though white is the absence of color, dahlias do white too!  I am always looking for the perfect white dahlia.

Dahlia ‘Fleurel’, Dahlia ‘Kenora Jubilee’

Do you have a favorite?  I am leaning toward ‘Fleurel’.  All but the buds were cut in my dahlia beds today, as rain threatens.  But rain nourishes (sorry G.B. that you are getting too much!), and with it the clock keeps ticking, the garden moves ahead, bud to blossom.



About Jayne on Weed Street

Wife, mother, and owner of pets much loved. Gardener of three decades, amateur photographer, ardent about art, antiques and books.
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3 Responses to Stepping Stones

  1. I too love Dahlia, but so do the garden slugs. Mine have very few leaves left after the summer slugfest. You are right, or should I say your stepping stone is right, Fall is right around the corner.


  2. Holleygarden says:

    I love the way the garden moves through the seasons. Although the change to fall always reminds me that winter is right after! 😦 Your dahlias are gorgeous! And your stepping stones are fabulous!


  3. What a lovely and very true sentiment for gardeners—our gardens do lead us gently through the year.


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