Following Flower Shows

Following flower shows from Westport CT to Boston MA has kept me from the garden lately.  Flower shows are a wonderful tool for educating yourself about plants.  ‘Splish Splash’ was held at the Christ Church in downtown Westport CT.  The staging of this show was one of the best I’ve seen.

It’s not easy to make rows of cut specimens look interesting other than for the intrinsic appeal of the flowers.  Here they hung a sculpture of blue water with blue light added to evoke the theme of the show , ‘Splish Splash.’  The Sasqua Garden Club, is a shore town,  focusing on water is central!  (My photo doesn’t do justice.) They showcased the importance of clean water  and healthy watersheds! 

The horticulture classes were imaginative and well designed.  Imagine the time and effort it took to carpet this camel’s back with succulents!

Flower arranging and floral design is outside my skill set,  so I am always fascinated by what can come from a simple directive.  The design above was one of four from Class 5 ‘Streamside Picnic.’  A design incorporating the concept of dining for at least two people within a designated open space.  The tossed bikini top brought smiles to all!

From Sasqua, I went on to my next assignment in Boston.  I really did my homework for this show, as it was a Zone show, incorporating all the Clubs within that area.  The Horticulture component of the show “Visions and Vistas, Frederick Law Olmstead” was held at the Weld Research Center, near the Arnold Arboretum.

Once again, I was impressed with the quality and quantity of horticultural specimens.

Staying in Cambridge, a visit to the nearby Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum was a necessity as we had not seen the new and controversial wing.

Some think she would roll over in her grave, but I think that as a forward thinking woman, she would approve of any attempt to bring visitors, artists  and scholars to her museum, and if this addition is what it takes, approve she would.

I think she would like what the chef is doing to feed the masses!  Our lunch was inventive and well presented!

We had an incredible dinner at T.W. Food in Cambridge that night.  We are ranking it up there in our top ten!  Pollack with fresh Spring peas and fiddleheads – I would drive the 3 hours to Cambridge just for a second taste!

But all of the excitement of the flower shows is past, and now the continuing study of horticulture goes on both in my own garden  and others visited, along with books, books, books.  New one on Succulents on my bedside table….




About Jayne on Weed Street

Wife, mother, and owner of pets much loved. Gardener of three decades, amateur photographer, ardent about art, antiques and books.
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5 Responses to Following Flower Shows

  1. Divine food and flowers.


  2. Holleygarden says:

    I’ve never been to a flower show, but your photos make me think I should go to one!


  3. Hi Jayne, Thanks for letting us tag along to the flower shows. I love the display of hanging mason jars in your opening shot. The most amusing thing about the Picnic Lunch display, other than the flung bikini top that is, was the gold sandals. An odd choice of footwear for a fishing trip, but giving the evidence there was probably more than “fishing” going on. The food looks like it stepped out of a recipe book. What a nice time you must have had!


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