October outurning

October brings thunderstorms (last night), cool nights and dark mornings.  I love reading my favorite blogs to see what other gardeners are doing to ready for Winter.  The art and design blogs I read tend to be about the indoor life so the change in seasons is not so apparent.  One important thing I do at home and at the shop where I work, is to change out the containers from Summer to Autumn.Replacing the Summer annuals are pepper plants and cabbages.  Times are tough and I did not replace the large and costly topiary this year, instead planting a smallish spruce.  I observed what some of our store neighbors were doing in their planters.  The jeweler is using the tried and true mums to brighten their storefront.


We are excited to have this new neighbor, Pimlico, who just moved from one side of Elm Street to the other now facing us.  Their fresh and exciting new design sense is so welcome!

Next door to Pimlico is a small and high-end lingerie shop.  Beautiful and pricey underpinnings!  They added a high “note” with their mums!

Elm Street Books is maybe my favorite shop in New Canaan, and the heart of the town as far as I am concerned.  I work an hour or two a week doing some back room co-op advertising for Elm Street Books.  An old friend – one of the first women I met when I arrived in the early 80’s – is a strong believer in independent book stores and has put her time and talent to the betterment of New Canaan. She opened this special book store that just hums with a great vibe!   A strong and vibrant book store, to me, is a sign of the intellect of a community.  So far, the people in and around New Canaan believe strongly too, because they are thriving.  Thank you for not using Amazon all the time!  Now, I have to interject a pet peeve.  I am not usually negative in any way on my blog, but see that big black SUV type car – or do we call them trucks, in front of the Book Store????  May I say that there are TOO many young women driving around with babies and toddlers and cellphones in hand!  When I see a big black truck headed my way, too MANY times out of ten I see a young woman with a cell phone, either talking or texting!  WHoever you are, you are making it look bad for all the other young women who are driving around SAFELY in their big cars and trucks ferrying children to school and activities.  Okay that is my one rant!


I am very happy to see that a “chain”, Papyrus, has made an effort to beautify their store front.  Some of the chains go great guns to revamp their windows with their merchandise but do little to improve the Town.  Sorry Ralph Lauren, but your little row of boxwood does not get high points with me.  With all of the money and THRILLING design work you put into your windows, I think you could do more in front of the shop to enliven the sidewalk.  (Did not take picture, don’t want to be THAT rude)   Just saying….

So back to our shop.  Our small acanthus leaved containers will not win any awards in the design field, but we do make an effort to enliven the sidewalks.  Those little pepper plants are  small bursts of color saying hello!

Once the containers are changed out and the work of putting the beds to bed is complete ( honestly, so far from complete….) I hope to start reading in earnest again.  Maybe compile and organize old photographs.   But unlike my Cavaliers, I do not plan to hibernate….


About Jayne on Weed Street

Wife, mother, and owner of pets much loved. Gardener of three decades, amateur photographer, ardent about art, antiques and books.
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8 Responses to October outurning

  1. I love your outdoor arrangement – so different – very you!


  2. Tricia says:

    Great post! The stores all along the street should pay you to do all their containers! Seeing Elm Street reminded me of our wonderful visit last spring — seeing New Canaan, Elm Street Books, and, of course, that spectacular lunch with two of my favorite people in the world.

    I’m with you on the texting rant. What could possibly be so important?! I so respect people who pull over to make or take their calls.

    Your dogs are getting along famously! Too bad they’re not more photogenic as well…


  3. Love YOUR outdoor arrangement the most!! All beautiful though and its so nice to see a downtown take pride in their storefronts New Canaan is a beautiful and charming town who has kept the small town flavor alive. SOOOO agree about the whole bookstore thing, it was devastating to me when Borders went out mostly because of what it symbolized. I did a whole post on it, ranting because I was so upset! That store provided me with many an hour of total peace, relaxation needed “down alone time” and a refuge to ensconce myself with as many books as I wanted. We used to have the most darling little bookstore which unfortunately also closed, and I have fantastized myself about opening up my own small place. I am an avid reader so I too fully support an independent “old fashioned book store” and whole heartheatedly agree with all you said and now I am tempted to drive up to NC just to visit her shop!! Will keep it in mind…so happy to hear its thriving as it should be. Great post…


  4. thebuzzdjh says:

    How lovely of you to stop and leave a comment on The Buzz today! So nice to get to know our neighbors and we absolutely love your store.


  5. Lisa says:

    Really delightful!


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