Grumpy Goes Gentrice

Four days into a massive painting job at Son’s condo, I was feeling a little grumpy!  Renting. If living in someone else’s space, why not show respect and take care of the place you call “home”?  The first tenant, when Son left his condo and moved out West for job, was a real gent and left the place looking better than when he moved in!  However the last two years the space has been occupied by…..don’t even go there, or the grumpiness will get worse!  Today, I have a reprieve from painting and I will be at the Shop among beautiful things and my mood will improve!  Take me to Marie Antoinette’s boudoir!

Antique French inlaid box

Surely she kept her odornments or handkerchiefs in pretty boxes like this!

Tufted silk interior

The French used beautiful inlays of brass and mother of pearl and lined the interiors with such precision and skill it makes me swoon!

I know that we are seeing a swing toward fresh, clean, modern lines in the world of interior design, but without a bit of the past, I am left cold.  On a modern, well designed desk, I would like to see a beautiful ink well or desk set from another age.

Antique inkwell and desk set

Instead of sitting down to a plain, crowded desk, why not sit down to a beautiful and organized workspace with a desk set like this?

While reading a blog, My Design Chic ( new to me), this morning, I came upon her List of 10 ways to have a lovely day, one being “wear perfume”.  I  do!  My new favorite by Van Cleefs and Arpel is packaged in a beautiful bottle, but a century ago, you would have contained your “scents” in stunning crystal

bottles,  some in beautiful boxes perfect for travel.

Which brings me full circle, from grumpy to a world of gentrice, and off to work, with a spritz of perfume and hopefully a lovely day!  As long as my (oh my darling!) Clementine comes to work with me, which she will, how could I have a bad day?

Clementine at the Shop


About Jayne on Weed Street

Wife, mother, and owner of pets much loved. Gardener of three decades, amateur photographer, ardent about art, antiques and books.
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One Response to Grumpy Goes Gentrice

  1. designchic says:

    I adore antique boxes and bottles of any kind, but the inkwell is fabulous!!


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