2 * 0 * 1 * 8 * BE * BETTER Jayne In Georgia

2 * 0 * 1 * 8 * BE * BETTER  Jayne In Georgia


On the Eve of a New Year a fresh start looms wide in front of us. Who can deny those yearnings to make this next year better? Maybe youre not courageous enough to say the best, but lets promise ourselves something better than the past.

Take a plunge, as freely as a small shy bird into a puddle of water standing amongst the lantana in December. An unlikely spot to find fresh water, but there it is! Why not reach for the moon and imagine writing that book you always thought your blog would lead to at some point? Or perhaps you want to push just beyond your comfort range and strive for the Garden column to explode with new ideas, while the photography opens a new vision of the garden. Okay, maybe that is just me! What do you imagine?

I wish my readers and fellow bloggers an exciting eve of exploring their desires to become better in 2018! May your resolution, whether lofty or practical, lead you on a good, maybe better, path.

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