110 Degrees of Botanical

110 Degrees of Botanical

The car thermometer read 110, but we were not going to let a little Georgia heat get in our way of exploring this afternoon. I have been driving by signs for Savannah Botanical Gardens on Eisenhower Drive since May and decided today was the day to check it out. The sun was high ( not so easy to photograph in a garden) and I am challenged with my new mirror-less Olympus OM-D. (Why are my cameras always so much smarter than me!)

This garden is managed and maintained by the Savannah Area Council of Garden Clubs. Keeping these gardens looking so good is no small feat in this heat. (Couldnt resist the rhyme) There are 21 areas to explore. I was beginning to despair of seeing roses growing around my new home in Savannah, but not only did I see roses (oh, they do suffer in this heat) but I found a pamphlet from the Savannah Rose Society. Perhaps I will get some roses in my garden after all! The pamphlet says the SRS is dedicated to helping you grow roses!

Just as I was beginning to think I could not take any more of the blazing sun, I turned to a shade path, and saw this lovely creature. If the furry friend could sit quietly and enjoy the serenity, I guessed I could too!

I am still learning my way through the long list of Southern plants Ive never grown or even KNOWN! This amazing plant, both beautiful and fragrant is unknown to me dear readers do you know it?

Some of my favorite blog writers are writing about the waning days of Summer and the hints of Autumn. Not so in Savannah, where the sun is strong, the temperatures scream SUMMER and the plants show no sign of fading yet. So, it was a wonderful day to see a garden, despite the heat. The strong sun and heat have already influenced my garden style. If youve read my blog for some time, you may have seen my classic iron urns on stands that always stood at my front door. They came here to Savannah with me, but the usual boxwood or geranium plantings dont look right. So I went wild and added some tropical color and a real punch to the front yard. I wonder what the neighbors think? They may be brash, but I think they hold up to the strong sun, and they are screaming, HOT HOT HOT! 110 degrees of botanical bliss!

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